Amis-Mochi: Sun Mochi 6 pcs/box

The materials of mochi are red corn and millet that cooked and pounded into a mochi by the ancient method. The taste is springy, soft, elastic. "Amis-Mochi Sun Mochi" two-color soft mochi with sesame and peanut fillings, it is wonderful and delicious!

Chateau de Chine Hualien: Eclipse Ring Gold

Fresh milk chiffon cake body, stuffing is purple rice chiffon with citrus fruits and mango mousse that is abundant in summer.

Hualien County Cake Bodhi Food: Star Mango Cake

The center bulge is the soul of the star cake. The rich creamy aroma is matched with the rich egg scent of Xiaohe. The dazzling gold is baked like a starry sky. The outer is slightly charred and the center is soft and dense. You must taste it.

Shenghuo Happy Pottery: ocean sunfish Star Plate

Hualien is beautiful with mountains, water and starry sky. The beautiful Qixintan has lovely ocean sunfish. The ocean sunfish is lying on the sea and looking at the stars. The beautiful galaxy and starry sky also shining on the ocean sunfish. "ocean sunfish Star Plate" was created, the author used this inspiration to create a hand-made ocean sunfish plate. They are Hualien’s local cultural characteristic hand-crafted that are worthy of your possession.

Der Li Dried Tofu: with dried tofu in space (space series dried tofu)

Deli ancient flavor dried tofu is rich in protein. Coupled with the soft flavor. Take it with you in space. It is very light and can replenish the nutrients you need at any time!

Fullon Hotel Hualien: Rose Nebula, Rose Apple Tart

The Rose Nebula is also known as Coldwell 49. Its dazzling appearance is like a rose blooming in the universe. It uses Fuji apples to make a rose shape, with milk pineapples, made with sugar, and then adds Mountain Litsea-makauy and pineapple to cook the sauce. Sweet and sour but not greasy, healthy and refreshing, make it a flavor acceptable to adults and children! (Because the products are made-to-order, in order to avoid long waiting for customers. It is recommended that guests call to book 03-823-6222 the day before at the latest. Please inform the quantity, pick-up time and payment method, etc.)