Aries - Xiaoqilai Trail

The adventurous Aries dare to play anything and loves special experiences that are different from the public. Aries, who is born independent, loves adventure and pursues excitement, is most suitable for self-service travel. Compared with waiting in line, he prefers new places and new experiences. The recommended itinerary is to visit Hualien’s "Special Stores for Foreigners" and "Mountaineering". "Xiaoqilai Trail, Zhuilu Old Road" are good choices. It takes a lot of physical energy to successfully climb to the top to enjoy the superb scenery. At the same time, you need to have tough perseverance, which is quite suitable for the Aries challenge. Hualien’s " Zhuilu Old Road " is not only a culture/historic Area, but also the most magnificent landscape in Taroko Gorge. The vertical and steep marble cliffs are the most amazing feature of the Zhuilu Old Road.

Taurus - Liushidan Mountain, Chike Mountain

Taurus, who enjoys life and loves nature, quality and food are indispensable elements of tourism. The recommended itinerary is "Hualien Local Special Agricultural Products" and "Tour of the Mountains and Forests".
You can go to Hualien to experience the beauty of nature and enjoy Hualien’s unique local delicacies. At night, it is a good choice to watch the stars at Liushidan Mountain and Chike Mountain.

Gemini - Liangtan Bike Path

eminis don't like the trip that stays the same, the old-fashioned itinerary. If you want to get new knowledge and special itinerary, we recommend the "bicycle" tour. Such as "Liangtan Bike Path", "Liyu Lake Huantan Bike Path"... etc. By riding a bicycle to experience different travel perspectives, you can also take your furkid to Hualien for a "pet tour" and enjoy the nature of Hualien with the furkid.

Cancer - Qingshui Cliffs Kayak

Lazy Cancers have a special liking for "water" and don't like tight schedules. It is best to easy travel with three or five friends. You can also have Parent-Child trip or Family Travel. We recommend " Qingshui Cliffs ", you can experience the sea adventure of Kayak, and " Xiuguluan River Rafting", and even exploring the intertidal zone is very suitable for Cancer who loves water.

Leo - Dongdamen Night Market

Leos like to travel with good friends, or to accompany their family on parent-child travel, no matter where they go, as long as the itinerary is colorful and have fun and food, that’s good for Leos! Recommended is the " Dongdamen Night Market ", which has a wealth of food, super popular night market. " Taikai New Paradise" is also a good choice. It is guaranteed that the itinerary is wonderful!

Virgo - Ji’an Keishuin

Virgos who have high requirements for everything. They must do "pre-preparation" before traveling to ensure that they have high-quality travel. So that they are suitable for "Foreigner Characteristic Store" that can experience exotic atmosphere. Ji’an Keishuin is quite suitable for Virgo who like to be alone. It creates a Japanese shrine-like atmosphere. The architecture makes people feel solemn. It is a relaxing spot far from the madding crowd. You can go to Ruisui Hot Spring or Yuli Antong Hot Spring to enjoy a high-quality day without much preparation.

Libra - Agricultural Recreation/Handcrafted Experience

For travel, Libra's requirement is "High Quality". Only the sightseeing itinerary of eating, drinking and buying local products is definitely not good!
In-depth experience or artistic journey is very suitable for Libra. You can experience polishing Fengtian jade in the "Shoufeng Recreational Agricultural Area", make your own jade, and have your own memories. "Matai'an Recreational Agricultural Area" is the residence of the ancient Amis tribe, where you can experience the Amis culture. There is the largest wetland in the Matai'an. You can take Ecotourism and Cultural tourism. The Yuhuandi organic farm in the "Rueisui  Recreation Agriculture Area" and "Dongfeng Recreational Agriculture Area" are good places that collect herb, experience various DIY activities, etc..

Scorpio - Shimen Cave, March Cave

The super-action Scorpio can't stop his desire to play! The Scorpios like early adopters and mysterious things. If they are not participating in an intimate "family trip", they are self-guided trip. Experience the indigenous tribal life and "astronomical travel" are both good choices.
Taiwan’s natural scenery is always mysterious, such as the " Shimen Cave, March Cave". Walking along the trail can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea and the sky. If you are free to explore, you will find unique view in some caves. If you want to enjoy the superb scenery, go to the mountains to enjoy the endless starry sky.

Sagittarius - river tracing/ adventure tourism

The energetic Sagittarius does not like the limited itinerary. It can be said to be a natural explorer. Sagittarius is an outdoor adventurer, most of them started planning a journey six months ago. Whether the attractions, activities or even routes, they start arranging very early It is very happy to travel with Sagittarius! you want to have the adventure trip that is different from to the general travel. Recommend "Tracing, river adventure experience", "Shoufeng crown layer adventure", "tribal experience tour", "stargazing journey".

Aquarius - Town Ramble

Aquarius especially prefer the cultural and historical journey of the city. Whether it is a historical site to find or discover the secret treasures in the local market, they can arouse their curiosity. They love trips of freedom, self-seeking, free and comfortable. Compared to a bunch of people, it is more suitable for traveling alone, going wherever they want, and fully integrating into the local life. The recommended classic towns in Hualien are Fenglin Town, Ruisui Township, Fuli Township and Ji'an Township. Enjoy the town slowly and idyllic scenery or go to "Foreigner Characteristic Store" to enjoy the exotic atmosphere.

Capricorn - Foreigner Characteristic Store

The highest principle of "real" Capricorns must be a value-for-money trip. It is more suitable to go to scenic spots or trips with diverse characteristics than to visit a chain store. Come to Hualien and go to the "Foreigner Characteristic Store" to taste exotic cuisine. You don't have to go abroad, save money on air tickets and enjoy the exotic atmosphere. Make this journey worth more than its cost.

Pisces - Shimen Twin Heart Stone / Xinshe terrace paddies

Pisces who values the feeling, the best travel must have "romantic" elements, semi-self-service travel is very suitable. If you add sea view, art itineraries to the journey, it will be extremely good. The dreamy cape swings, Jack and Magic Bean's fairy-tale swing, with the blue sky and white clouds, the romantic of trips is off the chart! And the " Shimen Twin Heart Stone " not far away is also very popular. The " Xinshe terrace paddies" falls on the Hualien-Taitung Coastal Highway. These are the terrace paddies that extend from the land to the seaside, fusion with the sea and sky of the Pacific. It is rare to see the sea and sky and paddies in the same scenery. You can also take a romantic milky way stargazing trip in a light-free area, which is the most suitable trip for the romantic Pisces.